Grow Your Dental Practice And Your Team At Treasure Map

Discover How To Take Your Practice To The Next Level At Treasure Map

Discover How To Take Your Practice To The Next Level At Treasure Map

25/26 January 2019 – Liverpool Hilton Hotel. Including optional team firewalk!!

Treasure Map is a 2 Day Dental Conference, where a numbers of High Growth Dental Practices will meet to share proven, tested, and implementable ideas. On January 25/26 dental practices from around the UK will gather in Liverpool for this years Treasure Map. Start the year on the front foot and get your team engaged.

Our guest speakers will be looking at ways to improve you and your team. Discussing challenges and problems that we all face in dentistry and how to overcome them. Remarkable breakthroughs from the past 12 months will also be shared, along with proven strategies to take your dental practice to the next level.

And yes, we are doing a fire walk! Which all guests are invited to take part in!

Tickets are just £497+VAT with reductions of over 50% available for additional team members. Contact us today to find out more.

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Great speakers, lots of content to take to the practice

If you want to drive on and grow You need to come

Have to say, amazing. An insight into a different world

Learned A Lot About How To Create World Class Service

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Meet Your Treasure Map Speakers

Hélio Vogas

Hélio Vogas: 100% On Fire In 2019

Hélio has dedicated his life as a mentor, inspiring people from all walks; from university students to Fortune 500 C-suite executives.

Whether speaking at a local business breakfast, on a TEDx stage or at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Hélio is always on FIRE, at 100%. He will show you and your people how to be at 100% regardless of what is going on in personal lives, how rude a patient has treated you, or how bad the weather is outside. There are no excuses, only sparks he turns into raging fires within.

Fire, swords, and adrenaline are just a few special things you can expect when you come to Treasure Map in January.

Tony Gedge

Tony Gedge: Distraction Is A Thief

Lock it up before it steals even more of your life. You wouldn’t allow a thief in your home, so why are you allowing it to pervade your mind and your people’s minds. Let Treasure Map be your jailer.

Join Tony Gedge as he goes deep and determined and distraction less into how DISTRACTIONS are stopping us truly being happy both at work, home and at play.

Tony will give you a signed guarantee that you and your people will become distraction free to live with more fire in 2019. 

Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders: Flipping Relationships Into Results

NO. 1 BESTSELLER – Read Nick’s book: ‘You Can Choose Your Friends…’ Wise, insightful and authentic, says Matt Dickinson, The Times.

Nick is known as ‘The Family Man’ because he demonstrates that workplaces are like families; you can choose your friends but work colleagues and families you’re stuck with.

Join Nick as he reveals how to win over anyone and everyone. He takes you and your people through a powerful, practical 6-step model that enables you and teams to work together more effectively .

Scott Bell

Scott Bell: Unleash The Fire Within Firewalk

Firewalking is a profound experience! And a highly effective tool for personal transformation.

Scott Bell, twice holder of the Guinness World Record for the greatest firewalking distance and internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on firewalking.

Through the firewalk, Scott demonstrates how to achieve your full potential. The most valuable asset your practice holds in its grasp are your people. You understand this already, and it’s why MPOD are always searching for alternative ways to help them be the best they can. To unleash their fire within.

Thomas Sealey

Thomas Sealey: Rebooting Your Love For Dentistry

Thomas Sealey is on fire. He’s winning awards. Blazing new trails in less invasive dentistry.

Thomas will set you and your people alight with how to enter awards, win awards, and leverage awards!

His pure passion for life transformational dentistry will give the renewed spark your weary fingers, mind and body lusts after for re-invigoration in 2019.Let Thomas reboot your love for dentistry!

Cally Gedge

Cally Gedge: Keep The Fire Burning In 2019

Cally is a forward thinking and enjoys candour and creativity in business. She is not afraid to speak her mind. Cally has an exceptional eye for spotting opportunities and delivering results.

When she’s not travelling across the world setting up new projects with Dental Mavericks, Cally can be found at MPOD HQ helping to create a fire within each dental team member to motivate them to be the best they can be.

Cally will not only reveal how to motivate your team, but more importantly, how to sustain and keep that motivational fire burning.

Mike Leach

Mike Leach: Set Your Social Media Ablaze

If Mike isn’t creating new lead generation systems or setting up new marketing campaigns through Google, he’s working with the Impact team on ways to engage your leads using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Mike will reveal new tactics and strategies to grow your social media following, generate new leads and reactivate old ones.

Let Mike set your social media ablaze in 2019.

Best of The best

MPOD Best of The Best Competition

3 different dental practices will share their 2018 success stories with the audience.

Talking about what made their practice successful in the last 12 months.

The audience will then vote for the Best Of The Best!

Nick: Relationships Into Results

Scott: Unleash The Fire Within

Hélio: 100% On Fire In 2019

Tony: Distraction Is A Thief

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